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The Disappearance

"Powerful and elegantly crafted. Subtle and probing."

-Publishers Weekly


"Gripping, emotional and tender. Has a deep emotional core that will resonate with any reader."



"A wonderful novel−profoundly imagined, beautifully written. A remarkable achievement."

-Max Byrd, acclaimed historical novelist


"From the first paragraph of lush, gorgeous prose, in which Sigel describes Joshua running toward the light in The Hollow, I knew this would be a heartbreaking, yet uplifting book. In The Disappearance, Efrem Sigel has crafted a haunting, beautiful novel of tragedy’s aftermath."

-Allison Campbell, LibraryThing.com


"The language sang on the page like a beautiful piece of music. It is one of those rare books that crosses genres and speaks to readers. I didn’t want it to end."

-Ann Hite, Internet Review of Books