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Juror Number 2: The Story of a Murder, the Agony of a Neighborhood

Beyond the drama of a murder trial, Juror Number 2: The Story of a Murder, the Agony of a Neighborhood takes you inside families, schools, the NYPD, gangs and crime in East Harlem, one of New York City's poorest neighborhoods−to highlight what's working amidst so much that isn't.

The Disappearance

Sigel’s novel immerses us in the Sandlers' world. With lyrical prose and suspense that builds inexorably toward a resolution, Sigel portrays the anguish of parents, who, despite their crushing burden of uncertainty and grief, must continue to live their lives. While the mystery of Dan’s disappearance deepens, Joshua and Nathalie struggle to find a new meaning to their existence and to discover, finally, whether a marriage that has come apart piece by piece can ever be made whole again.

The Kermanshah Transfer

Harold Kiels is a young American economist on a consulting job in the capital of Iran, Thinking to make a romantic gesture of friendship, he undertakes an assignment wholly different from anything he has ever known. In doing so, he enters the chilling netherworld of international intrigue, against the violent and resonant background of the Kurdish revolt across the Iraqi border.